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Hair Bath Oil treatment

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For hundreds of years, Berber tribes have used the oil of barbary fig seeds to provide luxurious hair care.... Amazighen oil takes hair care even further, by using a rich blend of organic, hair-loving oils.

This is a traditional blend of the most precious, time-tested oils found in Morocco. We combine pure organic sweet almond oil with cactus barbary fig seed oil, and fragrant rosehip oil, to create a luxurious and unique hair treatment.

Perfected by tradition and validated by science, this blend is proven to be rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E, C, Omega 6, and powerful antioxidants. By combining these nourishing oils, Amazighen works to destroy harmful free radicals, providing intense hydration and nutritional support. These properties promote naturally faster hair growth, strength, and volume.

Promotes better circulation and delivery of nutrients to hair follicles, increasing hair growth Nourishes damaged hair from sun, coloring, and hot tools Gives a dazzling shine, bringing dull hair to life Softens split ends Smooths and thickens frizzy hair Provides nourishing hydration for strong, healthy hair
Color safe 100% Natural ingredients Sulfate free Paraben free Cruelty Free
Generously apply oil on dry hair once a week Gently massage the oil through hair, and wrap in Amazighen luxurious cap for protection, fortification, and natural heat Leave the hair treatment for at least 2 hours for first use; ideally, you can do it overnight for better results Wash hair with warm water afterwards
Organic cactus Barbary fig seed oil, Organic sweet almond oil, organic Rosehip oil.

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