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Amazighen Oils Combo: Hair Bath Oil + Luxurious Cap

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Save money and effort by getting the ultimate combination of hair enhancement products!...

Our precious blend of nurturing oil, along with our nano-fiber waterproof cap, work together to to enhance the treatment, and protect your hair.

The Amazighen oil is a traditional blend of the most precious, time-tested oils found in Morocco. We combine pure organic sweet almond oil with cactus barbary fig seed oil, and fragrant rosehip oil, to create a luxurious and unique hair treatment.Perfected by tradition and validated by science, this blend is proven to be rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E, C, Omega 6, and powerful antioxidants. By combining these various, nourishing oils, Amazighen works to destroy harmful free radicals in the skin cells, providing intense hydration and nutritional support. These properties promote naturally faster hair growth.

We pair this with our signature hair cap, which is designed with nano fibers to be perfectly leakproof. This locks in natural heat and oil, protecting your hair and enhancing the nourishing effects of the Amazighen oil.Comfortable, stretchy and soft, it’s also perfect for long-term or overnight wear while doing the Amazighen hair treatment. Can also be used as a shower cap to protect hair from humidity and frizz.By using both, you’ll find that they’re more than the sum of their parts. The cap helps the oil, by allowing it to treat your hair under perfect heat conditions. It ensures perfect protection, and the best possible results.

  • Promotes better circulation and delivery of nutrients to hair follicles, increasing hair growth
  • Nourishes damaged hair from sun, coloring, and hot tools
  • Gives a dazzling shine, bringing dull hair to life
  • Softens split ends
  • Smooths and thickens frizzy hair
  • Provides nourishing hydration for strong, healthy hair
  • Color safe
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Promotes natural heat for intensive hydration
  • Silky soft fabric, gives luxury spa level comfort
  • Saves clothes, makeup, and furniture from hair treatment stains
  • Protects blow dried, styled, or treated hair from water in the shower
  • Defends your hairline while you work with makeup
  • Stylish yet comfortable for daily activities, indoor and outdoor
  • Reliably waterproof and leakproof
  • Quick dry fabric
  • Nano fabric for ultra-grade flexibility and durability
  • Multiple style options
  1. Generously apply oil on dry hair once a week
  2. Gently massage the oil through hair, and wrap in an Amazighen head towel for protection, fortification, and natural heat
  3. Leave the hair treatment for at least 2 hours for first use; ideally, you can do it overnight for better results
  4. Once you have applied Amazighen oil through your hair, tie the hair in a bun; take care that all hair is covered under the cap, so that oil doesn’t leak, and so that the oil can work its full effect 
  5. Wash hair with warm water afterwards, wash cap with soap and warm water, leave it to dry on a line 
Organic cactus Barbary fig seed oil, Organic sweet almond oil, organic Rosehip oil.

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